Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big month for Professional Sports

I have to say there is alot happening in the Sports world this month. First the most publicized is Tiger Woods return to golf at the Masters. I have not watched any of it myself, but I have followed the scores online. Tiger seems to be playing very well. I cannot say that I put too much thought into it prior to the tournament, but it does not surprise me that he is doing so well. He is simply one of the best golfers ever and probably will be better than before everything that recently transpired in his personal life. I say good for Tiger Woods for taking responsibility for his personal issues and working to save his marriage. There are many that have or would have just given up on their marriage and that being without the social status that he has and the money that he has. I hope Tiger continues to play good golf and win tournaments but more importantly I hope he knows Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. I believe he is Buddhist; however, I am not certain. I also hope that he is able to work his marriage out and live a life devoted to his wife and family. The example set would be greater than the failure revealed.

Next off baseball started. I have to say my passion for baseball fizzled after I finished playing in High School. I can usually tell you who is leading the pennant race and which teams are in the playoffs, but I do not generally watch many games. I have not watched any games this year either, but the Rangers seem to be off to a good start. Maybe Nolan Ryan at the helm, and the Rangers playing strong this season will reinvigorate my passion for the game of baseball. I enjoy all sports to some degree and have always considered myself an enthusiast when it comes to sports, but baseball might just be my favorite sport I ever played.

The Stars hockey season or at least their home games have come to an end. I got to go the Stars game last Tuesday on their next to last home game, but I wish I had been there for Thursday's game. It was fan appreciation night and the Stars paid tribute to Mike Modano. This could very well be his last season in hockey. He has truly been the best hockey player I have seen play since they came to Dallas in the 90's. I remember getting to see one of my first games at the Reunion Arena. I did not realize a hockey game could be so much fun until then. Mike Modano is a Hall of Famer and has given the Stars many years of solid leadership and outstanding scoring. Although the Stars are not going to the playoffs, Thursday was no exception to Modano's excellent play. From what I read, he assisted on a 3rd period goal that sent the game to overtime. He then scored in a shootout to help the Stars win their last home game. Congratulations Mike Modano. Even if you choose to not retire, you are truly one of the best the game and professional sports have ever seen.

Edit: If you have already read this post I had to come back and quickly add the exciting end to one of the most unpredictable March Madness tournaments I have ever witnessed. A classic championship where little mid major Butler took Duke for all the had and came up 2 points short. One thing that is interesting about Duke's championship team is that they really did not have a superstar. They were just a great team. I will be honest with you I cannot even name a player on their team (maybe that is what championship teams are all about).

Well, I guess that wraps it up for my blog today. I hope yall are having a great weekend and enjoying some good sports whether participating or just watching on TV. God bless you.