Sunday, January 4, 2009


I was blessed to be able to combine gift cards with some of my own money and buy a PS3 this year. I have to say my initial thoughts are that I am very impressed. The PS3 has some amazing capabilities unlike any other system I have owned.
My first gaming console was the original nintendo which I got for Christmas some 20+ years ago. I have to say that it was from then that I new I liked to game. My game of choice back then was probably Mario Bros; however, I had many other favorites including Tecmo Bowl (no offense 10 yard fight, Tecmo Bowl was ahead of its time). I later got a Sega Genesis which gave me my first experience at online gaming using a device that connected over dial. Later came the Nintendo 64, then the PS1, PS2, and now PS3. As you can see I am a Sony person over the comparable Microsoft Xbox. I personally told my mom that I would like the PS2 or the Xbox, and she chose the PS2. I have to say I am very happy with her decision 7 years ago. The PS2 was and is a great system. I have some where around 21 games for it. Most of which are NCAA football, Madden, Tiger Woods golf, and Bond game. Oh and of course Gran Turismo. I imagine my future purchases for the PS3 will closely resemble the PS2 game collection.

So enough about the history of my gaming consoles, all of which I still own. The PS3 as I mentioned before is impressive to say the least. I spent almost 2 hours the first night on the system before even putting in a game. In fact, I didn't put the game in until the next day. The system can serve as a media hub for all your pictures, music, and videos. It has wireless built in so that you can easily stream this media from existing computers on your network. It has a fairly nice browser built in so you can surf the web. You can also go to the Sony store and download game demos, movies, tv series, and more. They also have a feature called Sony Home, which is like a virtual world where you can interact with other PS3 owners and challenge them to games. It is still in beta, but it looks very clean and is promising. I would say I have alot to do with the PS3 still before I see what all it is capable of. Also, I can only imagine the system getting better as game developers utilize its computing power including the ability to put out 1080p pictures (which as far as I know is the top right now). Here are some more of the features I like:
1. It can connect to the PSP to stream the same music, pictures, and video to your PSP anywhere you have a wireless connection.
2. The controllers are very solid and completely wireless. This means no more tangling up wires, being restricted to a certain area, or wireless running from the console to wherever you choose to sit.
3. It plays Blu-Ray discs (the new technology for high definition movies).
4. It also can play DVD's.
5. It can even dual boot to Linux if you are interested in doing so (I personally have never been big on Linux and will leave the computing to my computers).

So, I am very happy to have gotten a PS3 and hope to utilize it for every penny that I paid for it. If you are wanting to do some gaming, let me know. Also, if you own a PS3 and have some input on some good games or even other things that a PS3 can do let me know as well.