Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life without Power

Today I had the humbling experience of going without power for several hours. I will spare you the details of the why's and what for's to really hit on what I want to share. Some of you might know that I work from home. So, without electricity and I cannot do my work at all. What a bummer (seriously). Furthermore, the food in the refrigerator stands the chance of spoiling if enough time passes without power. You cannot watch tv. The a/c doesn't work. My cell phone battery died and usually I would not be able to charge it. However, Melanie's laptop was well powered and I was able to use the USB cable to connect my phone and charge it. The ice and water dispenser on the refrigerator doesn't work. Obviously you cannot turn on the lights or any other electrical device (again keyword: obviously).

I was very irritated to say the least. The situation was avoidable, yet my neglect made it happen. To help with my irritation, the window for it to be reconnected was 15 hours. 15 hours are you kidding me? That is actually what I told one of the customer service reps.

No power = No fun. Or it is No power = No function.

Life without God is like a house without electricity. God is the power that supplies the source to our appliances. He gives us everything we need and even the desires of our heart according to his plan and purposes. Without God, most things don't work. You might have some functionality but not your fullest potential. The fun factor might seem to be one that eludes this analogy. However, what fun you do have without God will repay you 10 times over with misery that the fun will be soon forgotten.

Give God the time He deserves. Pay Him what is due. You do not want to be without His power!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

iPhone? Are you kidding me?

Ok, so the iPhone is now the single largest money maker for "Apple Inc.". Wow. Who would have thought it? So Apple computers has rebranded to Apple Inc, and the iPhone, although the accounting is a bit strange, generated more than 30% of their revenue last quarter.

I don't have an iPhone. Sure, I would like to have one. But when they were 400+, I just couldn't justify it. I ended up buying an AT&T Tilt for $199 not long before Apple released their newest version for the same price. So what is it about the iPhone that makes it soo good? Curb appeal eh? Everybody has one so I am getting one too.

If people everywhere can get that excited about a phone that is simply another phone with a cooler interface and nice pretty touch screen, why is it that we have such a hard time getting them excited about the God we serve. People are hungry to fit in. People desire to be a part of something. We have such an open door to witness and share about God's greatness, but somehow timidity, fear, pride, selfishness, and many other things get in our way.

So here is the thought that kick started this blog

Earlier for whatever reason I was thinking about the Cowboy's struggles and there recent acquisition of Roy Williams. I being a Longhorn fan, believe this to be a good trade and look forward to seeing Roy Williams contribute to the Cowboy's offense. Unfortunately, I don't think this is a solution to their problems. This also led me to think about the Jason Kidd trade that Dallas made at the end of last season. It is funny how I began to think that we all to often make similar "mistakes" in our lives. So now you are probably thinking what is he talking about. First before I continue, let me side step for a minute. I had these thoughts earlier, and then ended up on Josh Briscoe's blog. He had a post that made some comparison between Jerry Jones' love for his team to God's love for us. An interesting post including the Roy William's trade, the Cowboy's, and God. However, quite different than what I am about to write about. But still similar in that we can find God speaking to us even in our interests/hobbies if we choose to do so.

So, back to the question "What is he talking about?". Rewind for a minute, last year the Dallas Cowboys finish the regular season at 13-3 tied for the best NFC record. However, they lost their first playoff game. They had lost their first playoff game the year before on a mishandled snap. So what does Dallas (Jerry Jones) do? He goes and signs Adam Jones of the Tennessee Titans. He pumps alot of money into the team and hopes to have a Championship team. He wants the team to get back to where they were at the end of last regular season. They start the season off looking strong. Then they nearly lose to the Bengals and have been struggling since then. So what now? Jerry Jones goes and gets Roy Williams to add to the already talented receiver group. Guess what? Even if Roy William's catches more touchdown passes than T.O. (doubtful), it won't help the defense.

How bout the Mavericks? Dallas loses what seems to be their Championship. Then they follow with the best NBA record the next season only to lose in the playoffs to Golden State. So last season they are doing ok in a very competitive Western Conference, instead of staying with a promising future point guard in Devin Harris, they make the "big" trade to get Jason Kidd. Guess what, they left the playoffs early again.

Ok, enough already... what is the point. The point is, I believe that in our walk with Christ on this Earth we are often too impatient. We have tasted what it is like to walk in victory, so in times of trouble we want a "quickfix" to get us back to that place of victory. Instead of weathering the storm where we are and allowing ourselves to grow and mature in God, we try to figure out something quick and easy that will "fix" our situation and help us. Ultimately, we end up finding out that where we are is exactly where we need to be. Sometimes we might even see that our "quick fix" prolongs where we are and causes us to endure what was there to begin with.

Maybe Jason Kidd will lead the Mavs to the Finals and help them win the championship as he did the Redeem Team in China. Maybe Roy Williams will shine in Dallas as he did in Texas and provide the Cowboys with the offensive spark that will produce more points than the defense allows. Maybe not? Maybe Devin Harris will be a premier guard in the league and could have gotten Dallas to the finals a few years down the road with the right co-pilots. Maybe the future draft picks that Dallas traded away had a franchise defensive player, a solid defensive back, or a hidden talented running back similar to some of the greats like Terrell Davis. At least Roy Williams is young and will be in the league for a while, but I wonder how good those three draft picks will end up being.

In a time where everybody is always trying to get somewhere and get there fast, even our food is advertised as instant, slow down. Be patient. Weather the storm and grow in God. When we are weak, He is made strong.