Monday, March 29, 2010

Cell phones

So what cell phone do you have? Do you like it? Do you want a new one? I currently have an HTC Fuze. It is actually my 3rd phone by HTC (, and if I had my choice I would have 10 others. I really enjoy reading about the new phones and the technology that they are putting into them. I know... pretty nerdy. If I had my choice, I would get a new cell phone every couple of months. Obviously, they are too expensive though if the providers aren't subsidizing the cost of them and for some reason they do not like to do that more than once every couple of years. Here are some of the phones that I wanted or still want.

1. Touch Pro 2 - actually the phone that replaced my phone about 5 months after I bought mine : ( It has a much larger screen and is very sweet.

2. HD2 - This phone was just released in the states as a T-Mobile exclusive. This is probably the number 1 phone I want right now. It has an amazing 4.3 inch capacitive screen. A 1Ghz processor. 1GB ROM and 576MB of RAM. This is by far the sweetest phone available right now.

3. HTC EVO - Very similar to the HD2 and will be the first 4G phone when released this Summer.

4. The next gen iPhone. I would imagine Apple will come out with some very nice enhancements since the 3GS was a marginal improvement over the 3G without any changes to the cosmetics.

5. The Nexus One. I have heard things about this phone although the marketing and sales is not the norm and therefore it hasn't done that great. However, it looks really nice and I would enjoy trying out the Android OS.

I personally am I Window Mobile fan. The platform gets knocked quite a bit, but it is very customizable and has plenty of apps (contrary to the belief that the iPhone has all the great apps). I have used Melanie's iPhone several times and although it has great features and apps that are very useful and well made, it would just get boring to me after a while. I like to change how my phone looks and modify things that the iPhone does not let you do unless you jailbreak it. I would be interested in the Android platform, but it is almost too open for me. I like the idea of widgets but many of the Android type themes on Windows Mobile bore me after a while. I think that Windows 7 will probably bring Microsoft back into the game as one of the more consumer friendly phones to buy. I am not sure though that with the restrictions they are putting on it that I will want one of them more than a very nice Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. They are almost taking an Apple-esque approach. I bet it will do well with alot of people though since it should be easy to use, integrate nicely with Facebook and other social media, and also be something new. That seems to be the winning formula in "Smartphones" these days.

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