Friday, October 9, 2009

A minute to reflect

I have some time this afternoon so I thought I would go ahead and do another blog. I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on how much God has blessed me. I think too often I take for granted the things He has blessed me with and believe it is important to just reflect on these things.

First and foremost my salvation is the best gift He has given me. One day I will be in Heaven with my Father and Savior for eternity. Although I am not ready to die and I do not fully grasp exactly what Heaven will be like. I know that it will be perfect because He is perfect.

Next, I am very grateful for my family. Beginning with my wife, Melanie. We are growing every day and learning more and more about having a relationship with one another. It is definitely a challenge at times, but if marriage was easy the divorce rate would be much lower. Although it is challenging, it is also very rewarding. Melanie is a wonderful wife and mother. She does so much for me and Brice. Of course, Brice is amazing and near perfect. He makes Melanie and I smile and laugh more than I think we ever thought he could. He is such a genius (seriously). He continually picks up on things and learns more and more. Then of course, my parents. They are always there for us and doing things for us. They are tons of fun to hang out with and always willing to share their time. They also cook really good ; ) The rest of my side of the family is amazing as well. We do not get to hang out with them as much as I like, but when we do it is always fun. My in laws (or as my mom would say in loves) are awesome too. They really accepted me from the beginning as their own and treat me very well. I am blessed to have such nice and loving in loves. I only wish we lived closer to one another so we could all hang out more often. Finally, there is my church family. Our church is small so we really are like a family. Everyone is very serving and gives so much to the church. I couldn't be blessed with a more serving and loving church family.

Finally, my job. Sort of the reason I even have this opportunity to blog right now. I was blessed with a day off today by my supervisor. I truly work for the best supervisor anyone can ask for. I have had some rough experiences with supervisors in the past. However, I believe God provided this job and blessed me with the opportunity to work for such an awesome company and an amazing supervisor. He has taught me so much in programming and truly cares about my success. As much as he strives to excel, he takes the time to make sure I excel too. That is a very important quality in a supervisor in my opinion.

There is so much more I am grateful for. I am in good health and my family is as well. I have been blessed with a nice comfortable house. Two vehicles that work (most of the time : ) ). Plenty of electronic gadgets (I am for sure a tech nerd). And so much more. Praise God for His provisions. I pray that God has blessed you as much as He has blessed me.

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